A healthy lifestyle involves nutritious eating, but also allows for treats once in a while, because, quite frankly, chocolate tastes good. And restrictions won’t result in a lifestyle change. I am a strong believer of “everything in moderation” which is why I won’t be putting you on a diet, nor will I sell you supplements or meal plans. Instead, we will talk about what healthy eating means, look at some of your eating habits, identify patterns and make tweaks as needed.

Not everyone needs (or wants!) to talk nutrition. However, should you want a bit of coaching in this area, we can work together to discuss nutrition at a time that feels right for you. (The best time is after your body has adjusted to working out, as too many changes at once are not ideal.)


What’s included

  • Nutrition advice that takes into account your lifestyle
  • Education about what healthy eating really means
  • Handouts to understand and track your eating habits
  • Healthy, easy to make recipes

Nutrition FAQs

What if I don’t want to talk nutrition?

Then we don’t have to. For some people, becoming more active is all they need to start seeing results right away. You may even find that once you become active, your body will start craving the good stuff and you’ll no longer have that sweet tooth you’ve always had, or get that McDonald’s craving.

Other people are so incredibly busy that changing their eating habits is not even an option.

Everyone is different so each individual requires a different combination of tweaks and changes to get results. We will always start with getting you active and, as time progresses, we can address nutrition, if this is something you are interested in.