As a mom myself, I know it’s often nearly impossible to hit the gym with your little one in tow. Also, I know how disruptive it can be to their schedule should you choose to do it. You’re often left staring at your screaming child and wondering if taking that time for yourself was really worth all the screaming and crying.

So why not schedule a training session while they’re napping or in the evening after they’ve gone to bed?

I take care of bringing any equipment we need and my sessions use minimal equipment or equipment you may already have in your house. I also work with you to create a training program that you can do in your home, on your own time: free from needing to adhere to a class schedule set by a commercial gym.

All I ask is that you

  • Have received medical clearance to exercise from your doctor
  • Give me one hour of your time
  • Have a 6ft by 6ft space in your house that we can work out in


What’s included

  • Personal training tailored for a mom, by a mom (I know jumping jacks may not be the best choice when you’re breastfeeding)
  • Sessions that you can schedule at a time when your baby is sleeping or has gone to bed for the night
  • Workouts you can do using equipment you already have, so you never need to leave the comfort of your home



What if I don’t have an hour?

I totally get it! One hour of free time is a luxury, especially if you’re a busy mom! I like to have more time with you for your first session because I need that time to get to know you. Should you decide that you can only commit to shorter sessions, that’s ok too, just get in touch and we can work something out.


What happens if my baby wakes up or interrupts our session?

Ideally we would train at a time when your baby is sleeping, or is content enough to watch us. However, I know from experience that disruptions happen. Kids wake up and they need mommy. Babies’ patterns are always changing and what worked yesterday no longer works today. I never want moms to stress out about this. If a disruption happens soothing your child or baby is the highest priority. Not only is it the right thing to do, but your ability to focus on what we are doing drops down to zero.

Sometimes, after a few minutes of mommy time kids and babies are perfectly content to just hang out and watch the interesting movements mommy and her trainer are doing, as it is novel to them. I also bring little toys and books to try and keep them interested and engaged for just a little while longer until we are done. If they are truly inconsolable, it’s usually best to just end the session. Next time I see you, we can have a slightly longer session, to account for the time we lost.