Cardio training improves your lung capacity, your endurance, and it works the most important muscle in your body: your heart!

Aerobic fitness results in a more efficient heart by lowering your resting heart rate, it burns fat, and ultimately buys you more years because it reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease.

What’s included

  • Aerobic fitness assessment when you first start
  • A cardio routine to get your blood flowing and lungs pumping
  • Cross training to expose you to various routines (not all cardio is running)
  • Periodic re-assessments to track progress
  • Workouts that you get to keep so you can keep active on your own

Cardio training FAQs

What if I want to focus on weight training?

When we first start out, we will discuss whether you want us to do cardio during our sessions together, or whether you want to do the cardio separately on your own time. Either way is fine.

Changing it up is also ok. Maybe at the start you will want to include the cardio component in your sessions to feel like you got an all around comprehensive workout. Down the road, you may want to do the cardio on your own and just focus on weight training during our sessions. These are totally options we can explore together!

But I don’t like cardio!

Put your hand up if that’s you! Ok, maybe not everyone has their hand up, but I certainly don’t particularly enjoy cardio. Why? Because it’s BORING! Repeating one move over and over again, whether you are running or cycling, it gets old pretty fast. Some people don’t mind it, but others like variety. That’s why I like to combine cardio with weight training and come up with fun cross training cardio routines where you focus so much on what you’re doing that you don’t even notice you’re soaking wet. We’ll punch, kick, be silly and have some fun!

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