As a trainer, these are the things I passionately believe in:

I believe that you don’t need a gym to be fit

I believe that fitness can be fun

I believe that fitness can be diverse

I believe that anyone can fit fitness into their lives

I believe that fitness is for everyone, regardless of age and abilities

I believe anyone can find a part of fitness that they enjoy, they just need to explore until they find what resonates with them

I believe it’s never too late to become active and fit 

I believe that the 50+ year old generation can still be in amazing shape – in fact, they need to be in amazing shape if they want to truly take advantage of their retirement!


And here is how I deliver on the things I believe in:

By offering a variety of workouts, from beach volleyball, to jump rope, to cone drills, to traditional weight training and cardio, to mixed martial arts, to mediation techniques, etc.

By combining outdoor and indoor workouts

By offering exercise modifications which make you feel successful regardless of abilities

By listening to you and adjusting as needed (removing exercises you don’t like, mixing things up to prevent boredom)

By NOT being a drill sergeant – working out doesn’t have to be crazy; a gentle workout can still work wonders

By coming to you and handling all logistics – so all you do is show up


I am also committed to: 

  • Professionalism

If I say I do something, I do it. If I promise to email you something, I do.

  • Silliness and laughter

I like to joke around and be kind of silly, because that makes life fun and entertaining. We all know the cheesy line: “Laughter is the best medicine.” It also makes your workouts more fun, and gets you coming back for more! As such, I strive to make our sessions enjoyable, fun and even a bit silly, but don’t worry: you’ll still be working just as hard!

  • Transparency and education

If you’re the kind of person who likes to know what’s going on, you’ll love working with me! I am incredibly transparent in all my dealings. I will always tell you what our plan is for the day, and why we are doing certain exercises. You get to keep all of the workouts we do together so you can continue to be active between sessions. There are no hidden fees, and my pricing contains all applicable taxes, so you know exactly how much you are paying.

Finally, I strive to educate you about working out and fitness in general, so that hopefully one day you can take full control of your fitness journey.

  • Being ethical

Firstly, if any kind of relationship is to succeed, there has to be a good fit. As such, I never want to be the pushy sales person. If I push you into something you don’t want to do, or something you are not ready for, you will not get results. The decision to have me as your trainer needs to be yours based on information you gather on my website and by speaking to me. My philosophy, mission statement and values need to resonate with you and if they don’t, that’s ok.

Secondly, my goal is to get you fit as naturally as possible because that is the only way you can turn it into a lifestyle. I will never try to sell you supplements or meal plans in an attempt to get more out of your pocket. I will also never give your information away so other people can sell you supplements or meal plans.

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